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Business Innovation and Investment Visas

Significant Investor Visas 250×170

Significant Investor Visas

Business Talent (Permanent) Visas 250×170

Business Talent (Permanent) Visas

Skilled Visas (SkillSelect) 250×170

Skilled Visas (SkillSelect)

Temporary Work (Subclass 457) Visas 250×170

Temporary Work (Subclass 457) Visas

Temporary Graduate Visas (Subclass 485) 250×170

Temporary Graduate Visas (Subclass 485)

Permanent Employer Sponsored Visas 250×170

Permanent Employer Sponsored Visas

Student Visa (Studying in Australia) 250×170

Student and Student Guardian Visas

Family Visas 250×170

Family Visas

Partner Visas (Fiancé, Spouse and De Facto) 250×170

Partner Visas (Fiancé, Spouse and De Facto)

Parent Visas 250×170

Parent Visas

Resident Return Visas 250×170

Resident Return Visas

Working Holiday Visas and Work and Holiday Visas 250×170

Working Holiday Visas and Work and Holiday Visas

Retirement and Investor Visas 250×170

Retirement and Investor Visas

NZ Citizen Family Relationship Visas 250×170

NZ Citizen Family Relationship Visas

Training and Research Visas 250×170

Training and Research Visas

Medical Treatment Visas 250×170

Medical Treatment Visas

Other Australian Visas and Travel Authorities 250×170

Other Australian Visas and Travel Authorities

Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) 250×170

Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)

Representation before the AAT and the Federal Court of Australia 250×170

Representation before the AAT and the Federal Court of Australia



Australian Visa Law – The experts – Australian visa – Australian Migration. We are your best choice for an Australian Migration agent. Because we are skilled, concentrated and highly knowledgeable in Australian Visa Law, we bring true focus upon each client’s individual needs and desires and provide continual communication with you in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Our professional culture is underpinned by the highest ethical and professional standards.



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Our Principal and senior lawyer, Jonathan Flannery was first admitted as a solicitor in 1983 and has practiced extensively in both Queensland and New South Wales. He is a qualified mediator. His practice is primarily in Australian Visa law. He holds registration with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority No. 9901555. He is a member of the Migration Institute of Australia.



"I have used Flannery Law several times over the last few years for multiple visa and citizenship applications and was always very happy with their service. Thorough work and always committed to offering the best possible outcome to their clients. I can highly recommend their services."
Dr. Dominik Muench
Filmmaker & Content Producer / RED Epic Dragon Owner
"I have nothing but good words for Jonathan Flannery. I would like to say a huge thank you to his amazing assistance with my visas and my family visas. It was not easy path for me to be Australian citizen but Jon always answered my questions and followed-up with me through the process. I must have called him 100 times. He was always friendly and knowledgeable. If I had one advice for anyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer, you will have the peace of mind of dealing with one of the best immigration lawyers in Australia and the quick and pain-free process is priceless. Thank you Jon, you made another happy family and we are extremely grateful for that!"
Balvinder Singh
"We would like to take this opportunity to express our extreme gratitude and thanks for your services over the last 2 years which enabled my wife to secure her visa. Your ease of contact and clear instructions helped us greatly in supplying you all the necessary documents etc required. Your company made this a personal and friendly experience and we would strongly recommend your services to anyone going through the process of obtaining a visa. We are now moving forward with the security you have given us for a long and happy future together."
Chris and Maria Hunt
"We contacted with Jonathan after a friend of mine recommended him when discussing good options for migration lawyers. I met him on the second appointment that my partner scheduled. That was the first time that I started to fully understand what the concrete options were for us. He was very clear and patient when answering any question that would pop into my head so that both of us would fully understand the available options and the pathway that we had to follow. From then on I knew we were in very good hands. This is a very delicate process and you can't afford to take any risk at all. After every appointment my level of confidence increased and at the end of the process I was very satisfied by knowing that the best alternatives had been taken. The universe will provide and Flannery Law is a prove of that."
Francisca Campomanes
"I can't describe how happy I am about deciding to go through the whole process of applying for my visa with Flannery Law. From the very first contact with them I had all my questions answered in the most professional way. This caught my attention and I decided to schedule an interview, after which I knew that Flannery Law would provide the highest standards of professional migration services, at a very competitive fee. This was exactly what I was looking for. At every stage of the process all the alternatives were widely analysed and explained in detail so that the best decision was made. This allowed us to follow the best pathway throughout the process and concluded in our visa being granted in a much shorter period of time than what was expected. I definitely would advice anyone that is considering to hire migration services to choose Flannery Law. The highest standards of professionalism, excellent communication throughout the whole process and a wide understanding of migration laws which is shown and proved with concrete options and proved results."
Patricio Soto
"Prior to coming to Flannery Law/Australian Visa Law, I had had some difficulty in dealing with the Department of Immigration and in understanding and meeting their requirements. At the same time, my employer was also very confused about what they needed to do and was concerned. Jon dealt with all these matters easily and produced a really great outcome for me. It wasn't easy, but I'm now headed towards permanent residency. I'm very grateful for Jon’s professionalism and for the way he dealt with my employer, the Department and for the way that he clearly communicated with me at all stages."
Nic Sorce
"We had the fortune of meeting Mr. Jonathan Flannery in 2011. Since then he has assisted my partner and I with two different sponsorships, both successful and the second one resulting in permanent residency. We believe that lawyers such as Mr. Flannery do not come about often: loyal, consistently professional, and extremely knowledgeable in all matters. We knew we were in the best possible hands for our future. Therefore, we would highly recommend him in all matters legal. "
Yanna Solar – Lowther
"On behalf of me and my family, we would like to thank you very much for all the work, help and support you have given us since our Visa lodgment started. Although we are very grateful and happy we got our 457 Visa granted, we are also proud of having the opportunity to have worked with a team that exceeded all our expectations. Flannery Lawyers and especially Jonathan that accompanied our case, were just the best you can have in accomplishing our goal. We know that this is only the first part of our “journey” into becoming permanent residents and we will continue to count on your services to reach that goal. I would recommend your company in a heartbeat. Thank you once again. "
Daniel Cheolhee Lee
"A professional service that is one of the best you'll find. High attention to detail, passion and professional care that is truly appreciated by many. I'd happily trust this local gold coast business to help me out with any future immigration or legal matters."
Mary Lai



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